Advice to Teachers

Listen as two students of color give advice to teachers about what it looks like to address racism in the classroom and where to ask questions about race if they don’t know how to address it. One student recalls an experience where the students had a class discussion about police violence and the teacher didn’t know how to handle the student’s emotions or topic, especially when a student of color started crying and left the classroom. They suggest that teachers, white teachers in particular, ask questions and do their best to educate themselves about the issues in order to become better allies and handle classroom discussions.

If you don’t know, ask a question. Teachers preach that all the time, ‘if you don’t know ask a question’ so why don’t you ask too? If you make more of a connection with your students of color, then they won’t feel as ostracized when they’re in class. They’ll trust the teachers more and then there will be a whole ring of respect.