Strong Black Women

In this clip, two high school students describe their experiences as Black women in their school and the intersectional pressures they face. They observe how Black women are depicted as strong and able to handle everything that’s thrown at them even if they’re only in high school. At school in particular they are adultified by their teachers to educate their peers and have conversations about race. They also describe a double standard where they are expected to speak knowledgeably about topics but can’t come off as combative. It’s a fine line to walk and they have no safety net if they fall.

I think I hold on to what representation I bring for Black girls because I am one of few Black people… And so I’m like “don’t ask any dumb questions, don’t ask questions in class because they see you, you’re not smart, when they go to another classroom, are they going to hide their paper from that Black girl, are they gonna talk down to her, are they gonna make it worse for her?”