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The Black Tax

Listen as two Black women describe how they experience microaggressions in the workplace and what those look like now that everything is online because of the pandemic. Microaggressions, for one of the women, is simply part of the “Black tax” that she has to deal with as a Black woman. Being online has made it challenging to notice those microaggressions because not everyone has their camera on, so she has had to adapt to see different behaviors. Especially during the protests for racial justice, she describes her coworkers as impatient and frustrated that conversations about race are happening in the workplace. Such a racial reckoning has made these conversations more and more unavoidable and, as a Black woman, she brings her grief and her voice into work every day.

Speaking as a Black woman, you can’t turn off that part of yourself that is weeping when you turn on the news that’s wailing with every video that people post about injustices that have CONTINUED to happen since George Floyd died.