They Would Give Them All the Help They Need, With Us It Would Be Two Words

In this clip, listen as a Black high school students describe their experiences with white teachers who favor white students. They both recall teachers who have had entirely different demeanors addressing Black students versus white students in the classroom – with the Black students, they are curt and abrupt while with the white students they are much more attentive and helpful. One student commented on how he attempted to interrupt this disparity by having a conversation with the vice principal and the teacher themself to no avail. They find that they are often without allies or support when handling these issues at this school and that students of color primarily have to advocate for themselves.

Any time we would ask for help it was always a smart or sarcastic response. It was like a “just do this,” and then they would walk off. It was like barely any help. But if it was their people, they would be like “you wanna see my notes”? They would give them all the help they need.