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Not Even Engaging With Trump Supporters

In this clip, a Black woman graduate student discuss the boundaries they have set with Trump supporters and refusing to explain herself to anyone who voted for Trump. She reflects on how often she interacts with people who “downplay their racism” by listing her or other Black people as their friends and that their vote for Trump had nothing to do with supporting racism. Ultimately, she has determined that engaging in conversations with or arguing with Trump supporters is labor she isn’t interested in expending. Her focus is on systemic dismantling, and she is redirecting her energy toward the roots of the problem rather than the branches.

If you support any part of someone who has spewed violent rhetoric across racial and ethnic groups, if you support him solely because he’s a businessman or he’s good for the economy, he’s bad for humanity. So you’re already making a moral decision and you don’t even realize it… You’ve chosen capitalism over our livelihood.

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