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Finding My Voice, Fighting for My Place

Listen as the UW President reflects on her experiences dealing with immigrant discrimination throughout her lifetime. Ana Mari tells a story that is familiar for most children of immigrants: she was the bridge between her family and the U.S. She experienced the burden of high expectations throughout her childhood, frequently being called by her parents to translate documents or translate in meetings with the bank. Yet, when she went to college she faced a whole new challenge: the lowered expectations of the American society.

“It’s so amazing that you got here, given that you grew up in a house without books”

Faced with the discriminatory perceptions of the immigrant community and the additional burden of affirmative action, Ana Mari worked her way through graduate school, learning how to find her own voice. She was able to find an advisor who really supported her and helped her continue her work even in the face of tragedy and overwhelming odds. Her story shows where she came from and how the work she continues to do honors her past and commitment to helping others find their voices.