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Where Do I Want to Be if I Can’t Just Be Myself Here?

In this clip, a Black woman recalls when she went to New Orleans for her honeymoon and how she felt more comfortable wearing whatever she wanted to wear without having to worry about being hyper visible. She describes how, while in New Orleans, people would just walk by and not stare even though she was wearing short shorts and had more of her legs showing. It was a liberating experience that made her rethink living in Seattle. She reflects in how much mental energy it takes to by hyperaware of her hypervisibility as a Black woman where every decision she makes about how she presents herself is scrutinized or noticed.

I didn’t realize how much energy I was using deciding little things like what to wear and how bright my lipstick is gonna be because I love makeup and lipstick but it would just be extra attention when I would get too much already just for being