As our collection of audio clips grows, we have identified these themes to organize the collection. Each clip is rich with insights on a variety of topics and themes, so pay attention to the keywords to guide you to additional clips.

Growing up mixed-race

Black masculinity

Action and Interruption


First-Time Experiencing Discrimination

Power of Storytelling

Reminisce how highschool and parental figures guided these 2 scholars to succeed through others life stories

Transforming Snow White

Recalls as a young child singing a Disney song at an assembly and being made fun of because she was a Black girl singing a Snow white song

Generation Mixed

Which Box Do I Check?

Mixed race students describe their experiences navigating their mixed identity in a world that constantly wants to figure them out or force them to choose only one.

Singling Out Mixed Kids

Mixed race students describe their experiences in school being the singled out and bearing the weight of expectations to speak on racial or cultural topics because of their “mixed-ness.”

Teaching Identity

Mixed race students discuss what they learn in school and the messages about identity they receive based on who and what teachers choose to prioritize in their lessons.

Resistance Through Resilience

Changing the Systems

In this clip, Dr. Joseph asks Dr. Duran to describe how they direct their anger and energy to create change toward systems.

Quarantining While Black

Prioritizing Self

Black grad student in dialogue with fellow Black grad student about needing to prioritize self in midst of disparities.

Black Women Expending Labor

Black grad student in dialogue with fellow Black grad student about being supported, having opportunities, but also experiencing increased demand for labor.

Black in Seattle

Black Capitalism

Tracing the Roots of Capitalism

In this clip, Alex and Syreeta trace the roots of capitalism, a system of oppression built off the descendants of enslaved Africans.

Access and Black Capital

In this clip, listen as the daughter of the founder of the first Black banks and credit unions in Seattle discusses the motivations her father had for founding these institutions.

The Dual Pandemics

COVID’s Impact on Family Time

In this clip, a mother and son discuss how COVID-19 changed how their family time looked and how differently they socialize now.